Hedge Fund Secondaries

By centralising secondary hedge fund interests, actively matching the right counterparties and providing independent pricing and research, Tradition provides liquidity to the hedge fund secondary market.

Gathering a team of experienced professionals with backgrounds in due diligence, structuring, operations, fund of fund management and sales, Tradition assists clients in the various aspects of secondary transactions.

Interest Matching:
The Hedge Fund team leverages on a global network of long term relationships with institutional investors, private banks, investment advisors, family offices, high net worth individuals, investment banks, funds of hedge funds and hedge fund managers.

Comprehensive fund listing:
Tradition gathers secondary interests and maintains an updated list of funds along with a summary of the funds characteristics, liquidity situation and price estimates.

Dedicated solutions:
The hedge fund team may structure secondary solutions tailored to specific needs, such as:
      - Secured auctions, exclusive fund offerings, portfolio trades
      - Dedicated counterparty identification and selection
      - Counterparty risk management features

Fund intelligence, pricing and research:
Relying on proprietary analysis capabilities, Tradition carries out independent secondary fund assessment and provides estimate pricings helping clients identify tradable prices and investment opportunities, increasing the transparency and efficiency of the market place. Tradition also produces research documents dedicated to secondary markets, providing the market place with better understanding and knowledge of fund’s specific situations, liquidity premiums, price drivers, hedge fund events and investment opportunities in secondary markets.

Operational support:
Tradition’s Hedge Fund team has extensive experience in dealing with legal, operational and risk aspects of hedge fund transfers, facilitating the administrative execution of trades. The team helps coordinate the documentation processing between sellers, buyers, administrators, custodian banks, and hedge fund managers.

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