2006 Awards


Commodities Now Rankings 2006:


TFS is proud to be awarded 'The Energy Broker of the Year' in 2006 (for the second year in a row).
Environmental Finance Awards 2006:

TFS was ranked in the 2006 broker polls:

  • Best Broker Weather Derivatives
    (N. America, Europe and Asia categories)
  • Best Broker US Nox Markets
  • Best Broker New South Wales GHG Abatement Scheme
  • Best Broker UK Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Best Broker Australasia Renewable Energy Certificates

FX Week Best Bank Awards 2006:

TFS-ICAP was ranked the 'Best Broker for Currency Options.' It placed second in 'Best Broker for Emerging Markets' and third in 'Best Broker for Spot FX' and 'Best Broker for Forward FX'.
Risk's Global Derivatives Rankings 2006:

TFS-ICAP was voted 1st and 2nd place in the following currency pairs:

  • US dollar/euro 1st
  • US dollar/Swiss franc 1st
  • Euro/Sterling 1st
  • US dollar/yen 2nd
  • US dollar/sterling 2nd
  • Euro/yen 2nd
  • US dollar/euro barrier 1st
  • US dollar/yen barrier 1st
  • Long dated 1st
  • Basket options 1st
  • Euro/yen barrier 2nd

Energy Risk Awards 2006:

In the prestigious Energy Risk Awards, TFS was the winner of the Weather Derivatives award.

TFS Green was voted Runner-Up-European Union Allowances Brokerage.

Energy Risk/Risk's Commodity Rankings 2006:

In Energy Risk/Risk's Commodity Rankings 2006, TFS was ranked in 36 categories — with nine 1st places — the most it has ever received in this survey. Once again, TFS would like to thank its clients for their votes and its staff worldwide for helping TFS to be a global leader in energy broking.


  • US residuals
  • Singapore jet kerosene
  • Singapore gas oil
  • NYMEX natural gas
  • Western Canada natural gas
  • Eastern European electricity
  • US weather
  • European weather
  • UK fuel oil options (joint 1st)


  • Best energy broker overall
  • WTI
  • UK Brent swaps
  • UK jet fuel
  • UK jet fuel options
  • Eastern US natural gas long-term
  • Eastern US natural gas options
  • Western US natural gas short-term
  • Western US natural gas long-term
  • Western US natural gas options
  • US Henry Hub
  • US coal
  • US emissions
  • Gold cash to three months
  • Gold options
  • Silver cash to three months
  • Silver options
  • Silver forwards/averages & swaps to five years


  • UK Brent options
  • UK fuel oil
  • UK gas oil cracks
  • Eastern US natural gas short-term
  • European coal derivatives
  • Research in oil
  • Gold forwards/averages & swaps to five years