Navesis-ETF is an MTF for trading ETFs referencing NAV, launched by Tradition and Nomura.

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Navesis-ETF is the world’s first ETF platform developed by industry players that:

  • Adds liquidity to the ETF primary market
  • Allows intra-day and auction trading referencing NAV prices
  • Is available to all qualifying market participants


  • Enhances trading through transparent liquidity and sharper pricing
  • Provides easy-to-use technology that’s tailored to each trader’s needs
  • Continues to be developed with input from leading industry players

Key Benefits:

  • Competitive pricing: view and execute against streaming prices on screen, referenced to the NAV and to cross during the auction phase
  • Better trading: take advantage of an electronic and more efficient alternative to the current creation and redemption process – for tighter pricing, better transparency and greater liquidity
  • Broad access: increase your trading opportunities via a central venue
  • Efficient execution: view streaming prices with full “click & trade” functionality at the best bid and offer, along with a daily auction process
  • Regulatory future-proofing: stay compliant with MiFID, and rules on best execution and transparency, thanks to an online order book and streaming prices



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