2009 Awards

Tradition Receives Top Marks in Industry’s Largest Poll; Takes First Place in 14 Categories in Energy Risk and Risk’s Commodity Broker Rankings.

Tradition was voted 1st place for the following awards:

CERS - secondary (CDM)
Dry freight (FFAs)
Electricity - Eastern Europe
Electricity - Italy
European weather derivative
Global weather derivatives temperature
Singapore - Gas oil
Singapore - Jet Kerosene
US - Henry Hub swaps and options
US - Nymex natural gas
US - Products: Heating oil options
US Voluntary Emissions Reductions
US weather derivatives
Western Canada – Natural gas

Tradition was voted 2nd place for the following awards:

Asia Coal
CERS - primary (CDM)
Eastern Canada - Natural gas
Eastern US - Natural gas - Long term
Eastern US - Natural gas - Options
- Germany
EUA options
Gold – Forwards
Gold – Options

Gold – Spot
Platinum and Palladium – Options
Silver – Forwards
Silver – Options
Silver – Spot
UK/Europe - Products: Fuel oil options
UK/Europe - Products: Gas oil cracks
UK/Europe - Products: Naphtha
US Coal

US - Products: Gasoline
US - Products: Gasoline options
US - Products: Heating oil
US - Products: Residuals
US Renewable Energy Certificates

Western US - Natural gas - Short term
Western US - Natural gas - Long term
Western US - Natural gas – Options