Public Relations

Market Educators & Consultants

To introduce derivative risk management tools to customers in evolving markets, Tradition has conducted numerous educational seminars around the world. Early workshops focused on what were at the time immature electricity and natural gas markets. More recent seminars have provided value-added information for today's emerging energy markets, which include weather, emissions and coal derivatives, as well as pulp & paper.

Conference Participation & Article Contributions

Tradition staff is often asked, and graciously accepts invitations, to speak at industry conferences. In addition, the Company contributes articles to various trade publications and welcomes all journalistic inquiries.

Charity Day Events

Tradition has been proud to sponsor various charitable organizations over the years. Charity Day Events have contributed funds to important organizations including: Save the Children, The Children's Aid Society, The St. Jude Children's Hospital and most recently the Merlin Organization for the Tsunami victims.