Credit Derivatives

Credit Derivatives and Structured Credit

  • Single name Credit Default Swaps (CDS) across the credit curve
  • Credit derivative indices
  • Options on CDS and indices 
  • Tranched credit indices (correlation)

Tradition’s staff in these relatively new product areas are involved in their development with the major financial institutions, from the standardisation of documentation to the provision of liquidity. Our trading professionals are uniquely qualified, with a vast range of credit and equity knowledge, having years of experience in investment banking, portfolio management, proprietary trading, institutional sales, risk management and structuring.
The experience of our staff allows us to recognise relative value and arbitrage opportunities across both cash and derivative markets. We can source illiquid bonds and asset swaps, structured floaters and structured interest rate notes, and new issue and secondary market CDOs.
Tradition continues to monitor developments in credit and equity markets, and will offer new derivative products that fill out the capital structure in all major financial centres.
These include:

  • Equity default swaps
  • Recovery swaps on individual credits
  • CDS on Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
  • CDS on preferred securities and 
  • Indices on ABS and preferreds


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