Emissions Trading - EUA, Secondary CERs

Since the inception of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) in 2001, Tradition has established itself as its leading broker, not only in broking EU Allowances traded within the scheme, but also in developing a thriving, sophisticated market through our work with the wide spectrum of market participants. Our London-based team of acknowledged commodity/financial brokers focus their experience and expertise in bringing our clients comprehensive support, complex hedging structures, clearing services and market-data retrieval.

Tradition was the first interdealer broker to launch an electronic emissions trading platform, following the launch of the EU ETS. GreenScreen has gone on to establish itself globally as the leading tradable environmental platform widely used by utilities, oil companies and financial institutions. This useful tool provides users with access to the EU Allowance and Secondary CER markets alongside a full coverage of commodity markets, including coal and extensive European power contracts. A well functioning hybrid broking model partners participant’s requirements in strengthening transparency, disclosure and price discovery - issues critical to adding value within these expanding environmental markets.

Tradition is therefore perfectly placed to structure transactions across the entire spectrum of the emissions markets. For further information on how we can facilitate trades within the EU ETS and Secondary CER markets, please contact the team on emissions@tradition.com or on the listed telephone numbers. 


London: +44 (0) 20 7198 1500
Singapore: +65 6226 2323