2010 Awards

Environmental Finance Awards
Finished 1st in three categories

1st place:
EU Emissions Trading Scheme - Best Broker, spot & futures
Emissions-NOx - Best Broker
Weather Risk Management-Europe - Best Broker

Runner up:
Kyoto Project Credits (JI and CDM) - Best broker, secondary market (ie issued CERs/ERUs) TFS Green
North American Mandatory Markets (Mandatory & Pre-compliance) - Best Broker
Emissions-SO2 - Best Broker
Weather Risk Management-North America - Best Broker
Renewable Energy Certificates-North America - Best Broker

Tradition and Tradition-ICAP Receive High Marks in Interdealer Polls:

Risk Interdealer Rankings
Finished 1st in thirteen categories

Interest Rate Swaps 10+ Years Yen
Interest Rate Caps/Floors Yen
Interest Rate Swaptions Yen
Exotic Interest Rate Products Bermudan/American - Sterling
Overnight Index Swaps Sterling
Repurchase Agreements Yen
Exotic Equity Products Volatility/Variance Swaps
Exotic Equity Products Worst of options
Vanilla Currency Options US Dollar/Yen
Vanilla Currency Options US Dollar/Sterling
Vanilla Currency Options US Dollar/Swiss Francs
Vanilla Currency Options Euro/Sterling
Exotic Currency Options Barrier US Dollar/Euro

Energy Risk Environmental Rankings
Finished 1st in five categories

1st place:
European Union ETS Allowances (EUAs)
CERs-secondary (CDM)
UK-Renewable Obligation Cert
US Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
European Voluntary Emissions reductions

2nd place:
CERs - primary (CDM)
ERU's primary (JI)
US - SO2 & NOx

US Renewable Energy Certificates

Risk South Africa
Finished 1st in two categories

1st place:
Interest Rate Options
Forward-Rate Agreements

2nd place:
Interest Rate Swaps
Interst Rate Exotics