Cash Fund Management

Under its subsidiary, City Deposit Cash Managers (CDCM), Tradition offers a cash management service specifically designed to provide a strategic overview using only Sterling cash and certificates of deposit utilising hard core balances.

CDCM comprises two managers who have been successfully managing funds, currently in excess of £700 million, primarily for the public sector for over 20 years. More recently this service has been extended to include Building Societies, Higher Education Authorities and Plc’s.

CDCM is one of the few managers who offer a bespoke scheme to meet the expectations of a wide range of clients. As opposed to some of our competitors, deposits are not invested in any pooled vehicles but are managed on a totally transparent basis. Funds remain under the control of the client and are not put with a custodian which provides added comfort and re-enforces our safety of capital approach. The vast experience of the two managers and proven ability in coping with different market scenarios gives an added dimension which has been reflected in a consistent positive performance. Detailed dialogue at the commencement of the scheme with active input from the managers allows clients to satisfy their own individual requirements on counterparty lists, time parameters and performance targets.


London: +44 (0) 20 7198 1500